ASUS K501UX Review

The ASUS K501UX is an amazing gaming laptop suited for the 2017 era. Gamers from all around the world rejoice as this laptop is released and the brand leader ASUS has just dropped this purely magnificent creation on us gamers. The laptop features some unique new ingenious ideas that have been incorporated by  ASUS to give us a better gaming experience and provide us with the optimal performance that we desire from our laptops.

The Specifications

Random Access Memory On The Laptop

The 8GB of RAM will allow you to run any game or any software on your laptop with ease. This allows you to multitask effectively, whether you are running a business or trying to kill the new world boss on World of Warcraft you will have no issues in doing so. Unlike some other laptops released by ASUS this one features 1333Mhz RAM, which is more powerful than some other DDR3 and DDR2 model types. The ASUS K501UX can only be seen as genius and the performance is great.

The Processor

The processor for this laptop is an Intel Core I7, it can run everything smoothly and will be very useful in running those high end games such as Overwatch or Crysis. It is managed well by the cooling system so your laptop doesn’t overheat often, usually we find that if we have powerful processors in smaller laptops, then you experience high temperatures and lots of heat given off, however the K501UX manages the heat well and performs great. Alternatively some laptops don’t overheat but instead have monster fans attached to them, that produce high RPMs with loads of noise, although some gamers may be fascinated by the loud noises and whirling coming from their laptop most of us want a quiet machine we can take to the library and still use!

Graphics Card

The K501UX utilizes the nVidia graphics card systems to produce high quality imagery on your screen. The graphics card can handle some very difficult to run games, and can even run multiple instances at once. When it comes to the bottleneck of this laptop, you definitely will not find it to be the graphics card.

Size and Aesthetics

The size of this laptop is 15.6 inches, which is a moderately sized laptop. Thinking of travelling with your laptop? Well this should fit into any cabin luggage easily and shouldn’t pose you too many problems. When it comes to the weight it is very similar to it’s competitors such as the Dell I7559, and is very easy to carry around for an entire day. When walking around London exploring and doing photography I was able to carry this laptop in my backpack for over 12 hours and did not experience any back pain. The design and coloring is very simple and just has a sleek design throughout, no backlit keyboard exists although we believe if you want those kind of features we suggest you look for something a little more high end than the K501UX.

What Others Have To Say

Most of our information was sourced from several sites but we found that TheTechInsider had an amazing ASUS K501UX Review that helped us write the majority of our information providing the highest quality insight into the laptop. Some other sites such as TechRadar also helped us source effective information.

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